OHS & Compliance

We care about our people and, as such, SDS has a strong commitment to workplace health and safety. Becoming a part of the SDS team also means working to create a safe, accident-free workplace.

  • We provide ongoing and regular training to all employees and volunteers
  • All managers, supervisors, employees, contractors and volunteers take reasonable care to protect themselves and their colleagues
  • We all take responsibility for assessing and managing risks in our work environment, including while out in the community and within our clients’ homes
  • Each of us strives to be a safety role model, actively promoting risk awareness and taking personal control of our own safety
  • We believe in helping our clients to identify and resolve problems that may cause injury or ill health to any of our employees, volunteers and contractors
  • We work with our clients, their families and friends to ensure that our employees, volunteers and contractors are entering a safe working environment and are treated with respect and dignity at all times


Our Standards

Southern Districts Support is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards and actively pursuing improvements to minimise risk, maximise quality and reduce all safety incidents in the workplace. Our management systems have been designed and implemented with this commitment in mind.

Southern Districts Support is ‘best practice’ certified, which provides official recognition to the practices of the organisation’s management systems.

Quality Management

Southern Districts Support Quality Management Systems (QMS) provides the framework for everything the organisation does by documenting our commitments, guidelines and processes, and ensuring our commitment to best practice.

Southern Districts Support QMS is certified to ISO 9001:2009 standards.

Occupational Health and Safety

Southern Districts Support values and promotes the safety of employees, sub-contractors and the people we serve. We are committed to minimising risk in the workplace and believe all safety incidents are preventable.

SDS Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is based on the National Standards for Safety.