Mental Health

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Everyone’s mental health is important

Having an overall mental wellbeing helps us cope when things are not otherwise going well.

Sometimes though we need a little extra assistance to manage day to day.

You do not need a diagnosis of a mental illness to ask for help from us.


When you are finding life difficult we can help

Setting goals, planning and supporting you to take the steps towards regaining your mental health and to get your life back on track.


How would you like your life to look?

Do you want to improve your relationships?

Would you want to enjoy a greater social connection?

How about finding an activity that brings you joy?

Are you hiding a talent that you would like to explore?

What about just trying something new that you have never done before?


What other services can we offer?

Would you like some help to get up, get ready and start your day?

Are money, budgeting and your finances something you would like us to help you with?

Do you want to have some help with healthy eating options and preparing great food that supports your physical and mental wellbeing?

SDS will support you and connect you with the right people to help you reach the goals you set for yourself.