Dementia Support

SDS experienced in-home dementia support professionals can assist with:

  • Companionship and leisure activities
  • Showering, dressing and grooming
  • Medication prompting and reminders
  • Shopping, errands and preparing meals
  • Respite for carers

Dementia support is vital, not only for people with dementia but for families, friends and carers it can make a positive difference in managing the condition.

SDS can offer practical help with a wide range of services delivered by workers trained in dementia support. The help may include social support and respite which can all make a positive difference to the individual and their carer.

A small amount of practical help can really make a big difference to how the family and person with the condition will be able to manage and cope.

SDS has skilled and trained staff that have the experience and skills to provide real dementia support when it is needed.