Lifestyle, Leisure, Interest Groups

We offer a large range of lifestyle, leisure and interest Groups; whether you have a specific interest or a passion to try new things.

We promote independence, and we understand that social engagement, recreation and leisure is an important element of maintaining a healthy mind and positive quality of life.

Find your spark of life at one of our Lifestyle, Leisure, Interest Groups

John Green Centre 

Have fun interacting with others in a comfortable, home-like environment. The John Green Centre also provides those who care for a loved one with an opportunity for daytime respite. There’s always something novel and exciting to do at the centre, and participation in activities is always at your comfort level.

  • Would you like to meet new people?
  • What about being able to make new friends?

We can help you to connect with other people who have similar interests



We provide an opportunity for you to join in activities, such as;

  • Cooking
  • Ping pong
  • Board games
  • Painting
  • Knitting
  • Gardening

and so many more we are unable to list them all!


We organise for our visitors;

  • Day trips, walks and social outings weekly
  • A range of programs to support health and wellness
  • Visits from local community groups and health specialists
  • Light exercise classes to maintain or regain flexibility. balance and strength
  • And most importantly a nutritious cooked lunch (available at a small additional fee)


Specialist Programs

We have specialist groups for our visitors with special needs or interests;

  • Green Fingers

    This group is provided to support people over 65 who would like to spend time outdoors potting plants and vegetables.

    • Be active whilst you enjoy the outdoors
    • Form new relationships with likeminded people
    • Stimulate all of your senses and awaken a connection with nature
    • Grow flowers and vegetables that you can enjoy at home


  • Life Skills Program

    This group is provided to support young adults living with a disability.

    • Learn new skills within a supportive environment that will assist you to live independently
    • Discuss and problem solve everyday issues as part of a group facing similar challenges
    • Form relationships with new people
    • Share a meal, help each other to achieve goals whilst working as part of a team


  • Simply Cooking Program

    This group is provided to support people over the age of 65 who are looking to develop new or maintain their cooking skills.

    • Understand how to maximise your food budget
    • Plan varied and nutritious meals
    • Share a meal with new friends that you have prepared together
    • You even get to take home any leftovers!


  • Endeavour Club

    This program is on every Wednesday at the John Green Centre.

    We focus on what you can do and not what you may not be able to do. The Endeavour Club is a place to relax, have fun, do things you have done before and try new things. We have a safe place where you can be your best, you can feed your spirit. It is a place where you can share your thoughts and set fire to your imagination. We aim to help ignite lost memories and awaken dormant abilities. Our program does not focus on the activity, we focus on bringing out the best in you. We support you to be a part of a team and to find a task or role that gives you joy. You will leave feeling content and with a spark of happiness shining in your eyes.

What’s on at the Endeavour Club

Leisure and Activity Groups

  • Thrifty Shopping Group

    Join one of our Thrifty Shopping Groups and enjoy socialising with others whilst enjoying and day out speciality shopping or sampling the best beverages and cakes that our local communities have to offer. We also pick you up and return you to your home. Find out if we service your area, and where your closest group is.

Friday Thrifty Shopping Group 

Tuesday Thrifty Shopping Group

  • Out & About Group

    Love to explore? Become an Out & About member! Members are active participants and seniors who come from many different walks of life but all with similar goals: to socialise, make friends, visit interesting places and enjoy themselves. Members currently range in age from their 40s to late 90s. Everyone in the group has input into activities and locations with the support of a programme planner.

Out and About Gosnells

Out and About Armadale

Disability Social Clubs and Groups

SDS helps facilitate a number of groups, fortnightly on Friday and Saturday evenings, for individuals that would like to get together and collaborate.

There are seven groups, made up of young men and women of similar interests who enjoy spending time together.

SDS supports our clients to achieve their goals whilst having a great time.


Short Breaks

Would you like to take a short trip away?

SDS can assist you with this and help you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Groups can choose where they would like to go and which one of our fantastic support staff gets to with them.

This gives the families of our adventurous travellers an opportunity to rest and relax, secure in the knowledge that their loved one is having a fantastic time.

Short Breaks are holidays designed specifically for groups of likeminded people with disability aged between 18 and 64. Although we can organise trips for people over the age of 65 as well.

Some of the places we have been;

  • Fairbridge
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Margaret River
  • Albany
  • Dunsborough
  • Busselton

Where should we go to next?

We have only one condition our intrepid sightseers must return with as many photos as possible!

Popcorn, pizza and a photo slide show is a post-holiday tradition that is not to be missed!