Home Care Packages

Your life, your way

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Home Care Packages.

A Care Coordinator at Southern Districts Support will work with you to help you make informed decisions.

We are always ready to talk with you if you find that your needs change.

We can help redesign your Home Care Package to suit your needs and goals for living your life.

Finding the best fit

Each Home Care Package has guidelines around what your funding can and can’t be used for. Working within these to create an idea of how you want your package to work for you is what package management is all about. There are a few important questions to consider:

  • What are the kinds of things you want to use your funding for, to get the best results for your life?
  • How would you like to choose the people and services you work with?
  • What about the finances and reports – do you want to manage this yourself?
  • Are you interested in learning how to manage your package independently?

If you have an idea of what you would like to gain from your care and services we can then help you to choose the people, service providers and organisations that you would like to work with.

Additional Package Management

SDS can work with you on all aspects of managing your Home Care Package so you can live your life, your way. Get the support you want, when you want it and from whom. We are able to help you arrange your care;

  • We can help you to set goals and plans to have the life you would like.
  • Provide support for you to reach these goals the way that you choose to.
  • Connect you with people in your community who can provide the services you would like.
  • Manage your budget, pay invoices and monitor your package funds.
  • Select the support staff you would like from your local community.
  • Monitor your goals, report on how things are going, and work with you to adjust your goals if needed.
  • We ensure that any reporting needed by the bodies that provide funding is done as needed.

The types of service we provide will depend on your needs. You have the choice and flexibility to decide how care and support are given to you.

We can assist you to achieve your aims with your Home Care Package. We will make sure that you get the care and support that will meet your needs and that they are delivered in a way that will work for you.

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