Funding Pathways

Choice Matters. Find the Right Support at Home

Life offers many possibilities and opportunities, and many of us don’t pause and appreciate what it means to have so many choices. The freedom to live life on your terms is fundamental to a fuller, happier life.

Disability and aged care support services have recently undergone significant changes to the way funding and services are received. The NDIS and Consumer Directed Care model are shifting choice and control to the individual. The goal is to give every member of society the same opportunity for self-determination and empowerment in how they choose to live.

Everyone needs support at some time.

In-home and community care is a preferable choice for many people. If your needs are long term, home support is adaptable and focused on building confidence, independence and social inclusiveness. If you’re returning home after hospital you can be supported through rehabilitation or recovery.

Disability or illness can affect anyone at any stage of life. Some of us need more help than others, for longer periods of time. Relying on family members may not be a practical option.

Get everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Your needs are what matter to us, and we’re here to help; from household chores, preparing meals, mobility and personal care. It’s not just limited to the home either. You can also be assisted out in the community with errands, social engagements and lifestyle support.

With the right team working with you, in-home, social and lifestyle support makes it possible to live life, your way, and overcome any hurdles put in the way.